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Who am I?
My name is Saverio from February 1994 are amateur, amateur in all respects, and with few merits hi, are among the most aggressive and therefore are an end contestman seeker DX, and normal is a beautiful world. my passion for radio goes back a long time ago when I was a kid and the world of radio was for me an exciting thing, I still remember the nights spent listening to radio stations lontane.il made my first QSO with a 11metri Portuguese, exalted me a lot, then once started their studies, they are a skilled worker in Petrochemicals, in electronics we understand very little but something I can d
o, the first experiments of reception and transmission, with my first HF receiver Yaesu FT 102, which time! With my first transceiver CB I seemed to touch the sky with a finger the first experiences, to communicate with people too close, was for me a wonderful thing.
Then work the family and perhaps the frustration of those bands I was further away from the radio. The computer is another passion, the first a little box called Commodore 16, it seemed a little box, I learned some basic programming of the first experiences in implementing programs

But why not combine the two passions with his friend Joseph IK7NXM decided to try the first steps in RTTY band transponder cittadina.Lui already for some amateur with computers commodore16, transmitter GALAXI PLUTO, modems were doing DIY is evidence that CW RTTY La Passion never completely dormant to be returned alive. One day while visiting an exhibition of amateur radio in our area the idea ... become a radio amateur.
Now I am amateur radio, my station is not that of a big but I'm happy so I like to wander in the most diverse bands and try new transmission systems. I am passionate contest to CW, RTTY, SSB, now I have also equipped bands of 50MHz and VHF, frankly, modestly rewarding. If during an upcoming weekend, turn your radio on HF, you may also listen to greet passes.
A heart 2 give thanks to friends who have always helped us to move forward and never give up, (IK7OKB ENRICO, Silent Key), and
Giuseppe Acquaviva IK7NXM, how many times I have told you always have to listen to listen and communicate, how many nights! !

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